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Online Donation

CORD has been active in the field of holistic rural development for over 2 decades. To enhance the scope of this project and reach many more deserving areas we have to raise funds. We appeal to all those who value this cause to generously support it by sending whatever contribution you can.

Your participation in our programme is vital for its sustenance and growth. You can enable one in millions of deserving Indians. Contribute today and create a chain of empowered citizens for generations.It’s the drops in the ocean that make the waves – every contribution, big or small, steers CORD closer to the shores of its vision.

All donations to CORD are now exempted from tax under Section 80G (50%) and Section 35AC (100%) of the Income Tax Act 1961. Tax Exemption is not useful for foreign nationals as it may not be valid in their country

When you donate online, you help twice over, as it is the most cost-efficient channel of collecting funds for CORD.

Note: Please avoid making a donation of less than Rs. 100/- as the processing costs make it unviable for us.

Yes,I would like to support the development in villages of India

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Option 2 Rs. 2000 x
Option 3 Rs. 3000 x
Option 4 Rs. 4000 x
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Receipts: CORD will snail-mail a receipt for all donations within 14 working days to the contact details mentioned. Check the statement below incase you do not wish to receive a receipt from CORD
To help CORD save money and paperwork expenses, I do not wish to receive a receipt for my contribution
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