5 Sugar Substitutes Every Baker Should Know About

Are you suffering from diabetes? Or are you simply looking to live a healthier lifestyle by cutting out the number of calories and sugar in your diet?

Or maybe you are a baking business and want to serve a wider customer group with healthy products. Either way, you are in the right place.

In this article, we are going to tell you about 5 awesome sugar substitutes that will help you bake the perfect cupcakes and cakes while adding to the health quotient and not compromising on flavor.

So let’s dig right into them.

1. Brown Sugar

First and foremost, it is an obvious pick and one that is closest to the white sugar, brown sugar. Brown sugar is just unrefined sugar and in truth, has almost the same caloric value as white sugar. So what is different?

Well, brown sugar has molasses which means it is richer in minerals and thus is considered a healthier alternative. But keep in mind that brown sugar has a toffee-like taste and adds its own taste to the cakes and muffins.

2. Jaggery

An unrefined version of brown sugar, jaggery is another very commonly used Indian sweetener used not just for baking but other traditional sweets as well.

The reason it is considered so healthy is that it retains all the minerals and salts but again, the caloric value remains pretty much the same as they are all derived from sugarcane. If you are confused about measurements, for every cup of sugar mentioned in a recipe, you should use 1 + 1/3 cup of jaggery.

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3. Honey

Rich in some vital minerals and packed with antioxidants, honey is hands down a great substitute and more readily available jaggery or brown sugar. In fact, studies have shown that replacing sugar with honey reduced bad cholesterol levels in many users.

Plus, honey can be added to petty much any sweet dish and even adds its own caramel-like flavor. For example, you can pour it over ice cream, fruits like apple, banana, add. it to a bowl of cereals or oats and so on.

Since it is sweeter than sugar a straight swap means you will need lesser of it. To be precise, Use ¾ cups of honey for every 1 cup of sugar mentioned in the recipe.


4. Maple Syrup

Just like honey, even maple syrup is loaded with antioxidants which helps prevent a plethora of diseases including cancer. Yup, it has a higher sucrose level but yet is considered safe for people with Type II diabetes mainly because of the higher nutritional value which includes calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, and manganese.

But make sure you buy the right grade of maple syrup. Grade A is light and tastes less of molasses whereas Grade B usually is darker in color.

5. Stevia

Personally, I am not a huge fan of Stevia mainly because of its taste but there is no doubt it is a healthier alternative. Why? For starters, it is one of the very few substitutes to have zero calories which makes it perfect whether you want to lose weight or are a diabetic patient.

But again, since it has a taste that is very different from sugar and is much sweeter learning to use this baking ingredient can take some time. Suggested measurement would be 1 teaspoon for a cup of sugar but adjust it to your liking.

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