Baker’s Guide to the Best Bakery Courses in Delhi

Most baking schools in India and even abroad will teach you how to bake a lot of yummy stuff but if you were an aspiring baker with a dream to run your own bakery or cafe, do you think that is all you need to know?

Absolutely not. Knowing how to bake is just 50% of the game, you also need to know how to market, price, hire and so on and guess what, there is a baking school that promises to teach you all of that.

If you are in Delhi and looking for the best bakery courses in Delhi, it is hard not to come across the name Truffle Nation but are they really that good? Can this school turn you into the ultimate entrepreneur capable enough to run and manage their own bakery?

In this in-depth review, we answer that and other important questions about Truffle Nation.

Is Trufflenation Really the Best Bakery Course in Delhi For Me?

Simply put, yes and here’s why we at Cord believe so.

1. You’ll learn more than cakes and cookies

You could learn baking pretty much anywhere and at every baking school but Truffle Nation covers this Core Skill-set that sets you apart from the pack and gives you edge over even hotel management students and that is Marketing.

Yup, with their professional courses, you also get to dig deep into the secrets of promoting your bread and turning it into a brand. This involves creating social media pages on Instagram and Facebook and running ads to test product demand.

Furthermore, you will also learn to run ads on Google, doing market research and tons of other important things. This will save you both time and cost. But that’s not all.

There are also sessions on the pricing of each item, how to hire and what staff to hire based on your business model, where to buy equipment on the cheap, etc.

2. It won’t cost you a bomb

What if you we told you that you will be saving about 6-7 lakhs while getting the same professional-grade training and learning similar recipes with Truffle nation?

Yup, believe it or not, a Diploma course will cost you over 6-7 lacs at the Academy of Pastry Arts while other prestigious schools such as AIBTM, Chef IICA or IBPA cost around the same. To top it, the duration of the courses is longer which means you could be stuck at training for well over 6-months, even years.

And since the training often includes aspects more suited for hotel management, it does not benefit you much.

But at Truffle Nation, the Diploma course takes just 4-months and you do not have to pay a rupee over the fee of Rs. 2,75,000. This includes the cost of the ingredients, recipe books, marketing sessions, uniform and so on.

3. Hands-on Approach

Here’s the problem with most of the baking workshops and classes held in Delhi, you only see how to bake. And if people become experts by just watching how to bake then YouTube and Cookbooks would have been the best bakery courses in Delhi, right?

Truffle Nation takes a more practical approach. With their hands-on sessions (and is irrespective of the course or module), you perform every step. This is great news for those that have never been around stand mixers, hand mixers, commercial ovens, etc.

And every time you struggle there will be a professional to guide you. Another difference between Truffle Nation and other schools is the size of the batch.

Smaller batch sizes and with a trainer assigned for every 4-5 students in the batch, means you get all the attention needed to nurture your talent into something spectacular.

4. There is a Course for all bakers

Did we mention the top Diploma students get the chance to further improve their skill-set buy interning at Truffle nation for a month or more?

But if the Diploma course is out of your budget or you cannot give it 4-months, worry not. The Bakers Certification course is another professional-grade course and is more suited for those looking to start a home business.

It costs just Rs. 1,75,000 and covers a variety of cookies, cakes, even some European bread along with detailed marketing and pricing sessions.

For all you hobbyists out there in need of party-time bakery courses, they have designed the Bakers Essential course. It costs less than 1 lac and you learn an ample variety of cakes, cookies, cupcakes, muffins, etc. (you can even go on and open a home business in the future).

Need something even cheaper than that? No problem. Each module can be learned separately as well. That means you can learn just cookie making or muffins and cupcakes within a few days for less than 20k.

5. Commuting is easy

Out of the handful of the best bakery courses in Delhi, Truffle Nation is the most conveniently located whether you are talking about the Malviya Nagar branch or the Saket branch.

In fact, the Saket branch is about 1 km from the Saket metro. So whether you are coming from Noida, Laxmi Nagar or Gurugram, commuting should be easy and cost-effective as you do not need to book expensive cabs or autos.

6. Testimonials

If you still have doubts over their courses and whether you can really run a business or not with just 4-months of learning, here what some of their students have to say.

Best Bakery Classes in Delhi: A Verdict

Truffle Nation checks every box on our list of the best baking classes in Delhi. From being pocket-friendly, offering hands-on training with state of the art machines and finest ingredients to even helping with placements and starting your business, your time here will be worthwhile.

The Academy of Pastry Arts, IICA, AIBTM, etc. also offer courses with detailed learning and you still could get a job with an excellent salary but if you dream big and want to run your own bakery, Truffle Nation is the place to be.

To get Truffle Nation Course Fee details, you can visit their site and request a callback or pay them a visit at their Saket branch and even get a look and feel of the place.