How to Make the Perfect Cupcakes Each Time

If I had to choose between cupcakes and cakes I would most certainly always choose cupcakes especially if they are bite-sized. That is because these bite-sized items help one fulfill their sweet cravings without giving a sugar rush.

And guess what, you don’t always have to run to the nearest bakery to get the perfect cupcakes. You can make them right in your kitchen even if you haven’t gotten expert training at the best bakery courses in Delhi.

Here are a few handy tips to make sure they come out perfectly fluffy each time from the oven.

Tip 1: Use ingredients of the highest quality

Believe it or not, the freshness and quality of ingredients play the most important role in determining the taste and fluffiness whether it is muffins, cupcakes or cakes.

From eggs, flour to even the chocolate you use for frosting, if you want to-notch flavor, then make sure you spend the big bucks on the best of ingredients. And if you want to up the health quotient on your cupcakes you can use any of these sugar substitutes.

Tip 2: Avoid Overmixing

Mixing well is important because that will help your cupcakes get the perfect texture by releasing the gluten in the flour and more you mix the more gluten is released.

And when there is an excess of gluten your cupcakes are bound to come out dense. Furthermore, it will also remove the air bubbles from the batter which means your cupcake won’t rise and be as fluffy as desired.

It might also result in a crack on top of the cupcake. You should only mix the batter until all ingredients combine well. I would suggest using a spatula for mixing or run the mixer at a really slow speed.

Tip 3: Get good cupcakes liners

Just like your baking ingredients even your equipment has to be top-notch so when you buy cupcakes liners make sure you spend those few extra bucks and get the very best. But how do you know if the liners are good or not?

For starters, they should not become greasy and translucent after the cupcakes have been baked. Also, they should stick to the cupcake. To avoid this, you can go with liners made out of parchment paper. but if not, at least make sure it has grease-proof written on the packaging.

Tip 4: Fill the liners consistently

When filling the liners make sure you put an equal amount of batter into each of the pockets as it will result in evenly cooked cupcakes that are much easier to frost. The ideal measurement would be 2/3 of the liner so there is ample room for the cupcakes to rise and fluff up.

Tip 5: Let them Cool well

Letting your cupcakes cool right is just as important letting them cook well. That is because if they do not cool down well your icing is most likely to melt and fall right off (now you don’t want to come off as a sloppy, lazy baker, right?). Invest in good cooling racks for the same.

Tip 6: Frost it completely

If you do not want your cupcakes to dry off then make sure you frost every inch of the cupcake top as it acts as a barrier and helps the cupcakes retain the moisture. And as a bonus, here some cupcake frostings you and your guests will go gaga over.


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